TransBox Success Package Guide

Thank you for your interest in TransBox.

TransBox is operating the Success Package as part of its joint growth project.

It is a project that is provided free of charge to companies who use the service for two years in order to improve services through active communication with customers.

TransBox hopes to provide a good service and to receive positive feedback.

[TransBox for Enterprise Service Contents and Offers]

- The use of the applicable product license is free for a duration of two years.

- Available OS:: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

- Free API (2 years)

- Scheduled Update (2020.Feb): TransBox for Enterprise non-installation version (no separate view, and with the same function)

* Upon the completion of the free trial period, the license fee would be $5(USD) per each user.

* Service Cancellation: Users of the Success Package will receive an email one month prior to the free trial ending. The service can be discontinued at any time the costumer wishes to cancel.

* Once you have accepted this package, the service update that is provided by Transbox is free of charge.

* Data Backup Policy: Success Package provides a service for data backup that is free and in accordance with the company's policy.

[Customer Support]

TransBox will send out questionnaires via e-mail twice annually in terms of usability or issues.

If you understand and accept all of the above, please enter the information below and then Click 'Get Started free'
If you have filled in all of the information below, then you will receive an invitation to the Success Package via e-mail and instructions on how to use the product.
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