Yeongjae Kang

"Transbox is PGP that provides information protection and authentication solution.
Through Transbox, you can encrypt and decrypt your digital data and documents in a secure and easy manner and then share and manage them.
Encryption is called Boxing in Transbox and Boxed data can be decrypted (Unboxing) and accessed by a designated user and the user can delete the boxed data anytime remotely.
The biggest advantage of Transbox is that management process of information security is very easy and it was done in an intuitive way.
Currently, Android mobile apps are being beta tested and iOS apps and PC version are to be released later. Transbox is expected to be a very effective security platform for all the individuals in global market and small and medium businesses that have limited budget and human resources.
If Transbox was released a bit earlier, I imagine that the backlash from many recent information leak cases including WikiLeaks could have been minimized."