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10. 2019Delivered TransBox API(PGP) solution to KEB Hana Bank
06. 2019Participated in London Tech week 2019 (invited by KIC Europe)
04. 2019Participated in Orange Fab 2019 Taiwan
02. 2019Participated in MWC 2019 Barcelona (invited by Orange)
11. 2018Concluded a cooperation contract with INFRAWARE for "Polaris office" service
08. 2018Chosen As Global Starventure platform program (SLUSH 2018 Finland), sponsored by CCEI(Center for Creative Economy and Innovation)
05. 2018Chosen As The 'First Penguin' Corporation From KODIT (Korea Credit Guarantee Fund)
04. 2018Selected by Born2Global Membership Program 2018, sponsored by MSIP(Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning), Korea
03. 2018Signed MOU with Humaniq (London-based Fintech firm) for online communication and data security
12. 2017Attracted investment from SBA(Seoul Business Agency)
07. 2017Selected by Born2Global Membership Program 2017, sponsored by MSIP(Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning), Korea
03. 2017Selected for Orange(French multinational telecommunications corporation) Fab Asia
12. 2016Selected as K-Global 300 enterprise by MSIP, Korea
09. 2016Selected by Born2Global Membership Program 2016, sponsored by MSIP, Korea
09. 2016MOU with Beyond Security, US, for a distribution of B2B Service in the US
08. 2016Selected by SBA(Seoul Business Agency)’s Accelerator Program, Korea
07. 2016Selected by Startup Technology Development Program, run by the SMBA(Small and Medium Business Administration), Korea
01. 2016Opened the San Francisco Representative Office
11. 2015Partnership with KOISRA Seed Partners
10. 2015Winner of Special Prize at K-Global Startup 2015 Hosted by MSIP, Korea; Organized by KISA(Korea Internet and Security Agency)
07. 2015Approved as a venture company
06. 2015Selected by IBM Catalyst Program
06. 2015Established as a Private limited Company

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